September 1, 2013

Spotify monthly puzzles

It's September already and yesterday I published my August playlist in Spotify. Every last day of the month I select 18 songs from a usually way much longer list of what I've been listening to. I've been making cassette mixtapes since I was 9, so putting all those pieces together, matching endings and beginnings of songs, and trying to make the first four covers look good together are things I pretty much enjoy doing. 

Some other non-monthly playlists:

· Too short too nice songs - Usually when I like a song and it's too short I feel sad when it finishes, so I decided to put together lots of those short nice songs so the sadness would be a bit more bearable.
· I can't - I can't stand, I can't wait, I can't hold it, I can't help it, and some other songs of desperate lyrics from people that can't do stuff.
· JFMAMJJASOND - A song with the name of the month on the title for every month of the year.
· Fire/desire - Songs with the laziest rhyme ever.

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