January 11, 2014

Behind, the opening

The opening went quite well. Some people (known and unknown) showed up, we had white wine and Christmas beer and soda water and some low music coming from my phone. I think overall everyone liked it and it was interesting to see how they were always trying to find some kind of 'behindness' in every picture.

If you're around and/or planning to come to Iceland soon, it's going to be on until March 4th at the Reykjavík Museum of Photography.


  1. Oh, looks so lovely, Elo!

    Would love to come, but only being there end of April.

    Til hamingju!

  2. Thanks, my dearest!
    And oh so sad you'll miss it, but I'm sure there'll be nice things going on by then, like always. Are you staying for long?

  3. Muchas gracias Manolo, me gusta que te guste n_n